An Intuitive Art Experience with Frankie Creith

Enabling a sense of freedom, joy and achievement are key to this intuitive artistic experience.  This  workshop will encourage you to involve all your senses and find your inner creative voice. This journey will be formed through outdoor and studio work where you will work towards the production of an artwork which you can take home as a tangible memory of precious time spent on the beautiful North Coast.


Upon arriving at the studio, you will be met by Frankie, and will have time to get to know each other over tea and homemade scones and jam.

This will be followed by personal introductions and an outline of the experience, which will include a brief presentation on the intuitive process of 'mark-making' (through the use of various lines, dots, marks and patterns used to create an artwork) will be given. Frankie's personal work samples will be used in illustration and form the foundation of the experience.

After this, you will collect your own art kit and the experience will move 100m outside to the coast edge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. From here, Frankie will take you through a brief history of the local landmarks, from Portrush's first Lifeboat House all the way along the coast to The Giant's Causeway seen in the distance.

You will be encouraged to fully connect with the landscape and environment by being present in the moment and engaging all your senses. Frankie will then demonstrate the practice of onsite visual recording and you will have 25 minutes onsite to explore and record your observation.

Back in the studio (after a warming cup of tea or coffee), you will engage in a group exercise to encourage creative thinking and reduce inhibitions. A range of materials, tools and techniques used for the mark-making process will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to experiment and intuitively explore your own 'mark-making' process. 

During the final part of the workshop you will draw together elements from your onsite visual research, group work, experimentation, personal creativity and intuition to inform your final painting. Reflection on the experience and viewing of the artworks will complete the workshop.

The experience will last 3.5 hours, and you will leave with your unique artwork and memory of time and place on the picturesque north coast of Ireland. The session is fully guided and is suitable for all levels of experience. You can book online here or for an appointment outside of the given dates, please contact us for details.