Frankie Creith Art - Art Print v Giclee Print

Giclée Print v Art Print

What's the difference between a giclée print and a standard art or digital print?

Giclée printing is a particular method of printing art on acid free archival paper using around 12 pigment based inks to allow for perfect colour matching on a commercial inkjet printer. 

With a higher resolution than traditional prints, giclée prints are sharper and more detailed with a museum quality finish. Both artist and printer work closely to produce 'artist proofs' in order to create an exact representation of the original artwork. 

Digital prints are usually printed on paper or card based surfaces using around 4 dye based inks. As such, they are much cheaper to produce, often vary from the original artwork and will usually cost less to buy. 

Due to the superior quality of paper, ink and process used, giclée prints, being the highest quality of print available, will last longer and look better over time.


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